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TGIF: Its another end of the week

Fridays mark the end of another working week. It is the beginning of the weekend days of Saturdays and Sundays. Friday is a day ...

Love You Like Trump Loves Putin Boo!!! – Toolz To Husband As They Celebrate 1st Anniversary

How do you handle relationship breakup???

Often times we break up our intimate relationship with somebody and it is not a very good moments. The question is this: How do...


Latest way to Get back your money(Get Help) in MMM Nigeria

For those that are yet to get their money in MMM Nigeria, there is latest method method or way to get back your money in MMM nigeria.... website logo

Change Of Guider (How to Change your MMM Guider) Image Illustration – NT Exclusive

Log into your MMM Nigeria Personal Office (PO). At the top click “My Page”  On the right hand side, click on “Guide...

How to Become an MMM Guilder (Full Illustration)

How to Become an MMM Guilder (Full Illustration)

WHO IS AN MMM NIGERIA GUIDER? MMM Guiders are specially trained participants of the MMM community. MMM guiders are the foundat...

feb 21 international mother language celebration all over the world

Today(Feb 21) is the annual Celebration of International Mother Language Day; Celebrated mine as a serving corp member

International Mother Language Day (IMLD) is a worldwide annual observance held on 21 February to promote awareness of linguistic and ...


How I Used 5Naira to Woo A Girl 2 Years Ago!!!

Now guys this is a disclaimer, this "method" is for girls that show gratitude, that appreciate what you have done for them no matter ...

bread price N80 naira in Nigeria ekiti

See the size of bread and its price in my area

Bread is one of the common food you can easily get anywhere in Nigeria. I also love to buy and eat bread. This bread image below cost ...

Mtn Nigeria

Get free 100mb data for MTN suscribers.

Mtn just rolled another round of free data for it users. Its a free 100mb that last for 1 day. The twist to this is that once y...

Mtn Nigeria

How to Enjoy Uninterrupted Browsing Experience on MTN 3G/4G LTE

MTN 3G/4G LTE is presently one of the best internet browsing data among it competitors. With various package for affordable prices MT...