Using Android Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment), Launch the android studio IDE. Allow the application load every necessary file, then:

  1. Click on File >> New >> New Project. Android Studio displays a new template called “Create New Project”.
  2. Provide any name in the Application Name, provide any name in the Company domain by default, it shows something like “com.example.’ApplicationName’ “. Make sure you select the location you want the folder for your android app to be, if it doesn’t exist, you can create it yourself, after this process,
  3. click Next.jajf

4. Select your target Device. By default, the android studio select Phone and Tablet. Click Next.

5. Choose Empty Activity. You can choose any other option if you know what you want to achieve but for basics, choose empty activity. Hit Next. Input your activity name by default, it is ‘MainActivity’. Also, select layout name, by default, it is ‘activity_main’. Then click ‘Finish’.


       6.  Allow android studio finish the setup activities before you can continue working on your application.


 The above picture is how the android studio interface looks like after a successful build of the various component for android apps to behave properly.

7. To test run your android app, on the menu item, look for ‘run’, then click it or you press ‘Shift+F11’ or you look for an icon around the menu bar that looks like ‘play’ button.

8. After clicking it, wait for the build process run various things on the background then it brings, a device chooser.

9. Device chooser allows you choose the device you want to run your android app on. It can either be a normal phone or an emulator that comes with the android studio.

This is a link to download latest android studio.

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