Android OS (Operating System) is one popular OS for mobile devices for more than 4years now and going by the way it is being managed, android is going to last for sometimes. In this tutorial, I will be showing how to start developing apps (applications) that can run on android devices.


  1. Knowledge of Java programming language.
  2. An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) like Android Studio or Eclipse studio.


To start with, you need to understand java. Java is a programming language that handles the various logic inside your android apps. To start up with java, i recommend this book, JAVA 2-THE COMPLETE REFERENCE FIFTH EDITION. You can download here.

On how to start understanding the android development environment, this book will take you through the basics of setting up your computer to start developing android apps; Pragmatic Hello Android 3rd Edition Jul 2010, download here.

Enjoy developing various apps in android.

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