Do you have airtime you want to convert to real cash?

In this writeup, I will be showing how you can convert your call airtime to real cash.

Personally, I thought before that once you cannot transfer airtime to others and they give you money in return, I used to think there will be no other way to go about it until I was introduced to a website that does that (You transfer airtime to them, and they transfer money to your bank account) at a very good price.

There may be websites, or apps that does this, but I will be writing about ZORANGA.

On a normal day, if you will be selling a N3000 airtime, it will be bought around (3000 X 0.8) = N2400, this amount is definitely the best you can sell it, some buyers will bargain for lesser than that but with Zoranga, you will be able to sell at N2625.


Personally, I have used zoranga website for this kind of transaction. I transferred airtime to the website, and under 3 minutes or thereabout, my account with zoranga immediately reflected the amount I transferred.

As at the time of writing this, their charges per transfer is 12.5% of the amount you want to send to your bank account. What it means is this: If I want them to pay N3000 to my bank account for example, I will be charged additional(3000 x 12.5%) = N375. So, for me to transfer, N3000, the total of 3000+375 = N3375 will be charged from my zoranga account. There are other interesting services they offer, Check Zoranga out today.
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