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You cannot only watch or stream youtube videos, you can also download youtube to your device whether you are using a laptop or mobile device so that you can watch or listen to those interesting stuffs anytime you want to.

 I will be highlighting how to go about this in the steps below:

-> navigate or search for any youtube content whether audio or video you want to download for example:

You can visit youtube homepage from here,

The content link is always in this format, for example.

-> copy this link and then I will show you where to put it so as to generate a downloadable format of the file.

-> Open a new tab and input and click enter.

-> after this website loads, you will see something like this below:

savefrom on

-> put the link you copied on the youtube website into the “just insert a link” on the picture above and click the sign “>” or “GO”. The website will load and bring the file you are viewing on youtube website. It offers various version of the download you want.

If it is a video, it brings mp4, avi, flv and other option. Click on the option you prefer and wait for your browser to detect this file and start downloading it for you.

If you still can’t get the instruction above, you can ask question or clarification under the comment section.

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