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I will be explaining how you can receive payments on your websites, mobile apps, applications via this secured website based in Nigeria called VoguePay.

You might have heard of Paypal right? Voguepay is like an alternative to paypal and I can even boast they are far better than paypal to send or receive money anywhere in the world. The last time I checked paypal, Nigerians can only legally use paypal to only send out money i.e shopping or buy this or buy that, they cannot receive money via paypal. This is where Voguepay comes in. Voguepay has been around for sometimes now and they are not going anywhere.

Do you have service or planning to create a service that people will need to pay for and you have been thinking how you can make that happen, then voguepay can surely solve this problem for  you. For example, you have bulk sms website and needs automation i.e once users pay for sms units, it immediately reflects on their account and they can start using it to send sms or you sell items in digital format eg ebook that people will pay before they can download it, then you need an online payment processor that does it for you.

If your website is created by content management system (cms) like wordpress, drupal, joomla and other cms, voguepay has plugin or module that makes payment easy for you to do or if you created your website by yourself(coding from scratch), there is also ways you can use voguepay interface to receive money on your website.

Also, if you have apps that users need to pay to use the app or enjoy an offer, you can use voguepay to receive money from users and then reflect it on your app.

If you cannot handle the integration by yourself, I can handle it for you (Contact me via email: naijatech06@gmail.com or emmanbol@gmail.com or you check the contact page of this website).

Also, voguepay can also handle the integration for you.

Like every other business, they have charges and terms and condition to use their service.

You can visit VoguePay today @ https://voguepay.com

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