invite_mpuHave you ever imagined enjoying the core mandate of a product and this product still giving you something in return for using their service?

Note: Sliide Airtime now allows sharing of code daily around 9:00am, take note.

Some picture illustrations

Screenshot_2016-05-08-19-08-16free Screenshot_2016-05-08-19-08-07cash


This is what Sliide Airtime app is all about. The core mandate of Sliide Airtime is to inform it users about various news as regards their chosen area of interest but they are not stopping at that, they are giving back  to every user. As you read news via Sliide Airtime, you earn airtime N.

How does it work?

If you are a new user to sliide, you will first create account, then you will need to use a share code of already registered user. As you do so, you get N100 and the owner of the share code also gets N100. After this, once you regularly view news via Sliide airtime, you will notice increase in the amount you have earned. Of recent, the minimum amount you can cash out into the number attached to your sliide account is N50.

Where  to get Sliide Airtime?

Currently, this app only works on android device, to get Sliide airtime, visit scroll down to where you can either download directly or get via google playstore.

Sharecode you can Use

You can use share code of some of my accounts, see my share code: “fog”, “ros”, “tega”. You will get N100 and I will also get N100.