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Advertisement companies like google adsense or winthrillsnetwork warn owners of website, blogs and app that publish ads from their company against clicking the ads or encouraging friends or loved ones to click the ads so that you can quickly get revenue from such activity.

The main reason for this is the fact that, those clicking on ads must be taking this action naturally or organically or genuinely. When you as site or app owner encourage users, or friends or even yourself in clicking ads to quickly get revenue increase, you are not adding value to the business of advertisement and the owner of the advertisement.

I will briefly explain how advertisement company charge those using their platform to advertise below:

For example, NaijaTech meets google or winthrillsnetwork to advertise a new product they are just selling. NaijaTech sets up the adverts campaign and can now start publishing their ads on platforms like websites, blogs using google or winthrillsnetwork to advertise. Once google or winthrillsnetwork start showing advertisement of NaijaTech, NaijaTech will start getting impressions from visitors seeing the advertisement but google or winthrillsnetwork is not yet billing NaijaTech. They start billing NaijaTech when genuine or real or organic visitors or users click on the adverts. Google or WinthrillsNetwork charge NaijaTech per every click. During setting up of ads campaign by NaijaTech, there is particular amount already agreed upon to charge per click which is called Cost Per Click (CPC), this is briefly how adverts works on this platform.

Imagine you are the owner of NaijaTech and web owners, bloggers, or app owners are encouraging their loved ones to click your ads, they are not interested in your new product but want to simply get revenue for showing ads on their website or apps. This is not fair and Google takes this issue seriously, many times when google discover you are getting your clicks via cheating, hacking, fake clicks, they may ban your account and seize all revenue you have garnered. If you can be patient, you will surely generate revenue.

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