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One way virus or malware or trojan affects a computer system is via external, removable devices like hard disk, flash drive, cd drive and other related devices.

By default, windows OS enables auto-open or automatic opening of any external drives so that user can quickly have access to it, This is good design but this action is one of the easiest ways virus or malware or trojan attacks our system. Whenever it is disabled, you will be the one to access any external drives manually. By this action, you can run a scan on the drive if you suspect it may be having virus or you can simply open it but if you are using Windows defender/Microsoft Security Essentials, it automatically raise alarm of virus on any external drive. See post on how to start using Windows defender/Microsoft security essentials. 

I will be showing how to disable automatic opening of external drives below:

-> Press the Windows key, then search for “autoplay”. When it opens, you will see a box at the top left corner that is checked or enabled. Uncheck or Disable it. Go down to save your action. By this action, you have disabled automatic opening of external drive, you will be the one that opens any external drive now and you have increased the security level of your computer device.

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