In this tutorial, I will be showing how to remove or delete virus, malware, trojan attack on a computer hard disk, external drives, flash drive and other storage device. One symptoms of virus attack is your files being turned to shortcut or you cant even see them on the storage device be it flash drive, hard disk and so on. To be totally secured, you first need to remove the virus before I show you towards the end of this post how to recover hidden files or folder and files or folders turned to shortcuts. If you have already removed the virus, see my post on how to recover hidden files or files turned to shortcut.

I will be using the most reliable antivirus on the windows operating system (OS) which was designed by windows itself called windows defender/Microsoft security essentials. Some antivirus wrongly delete files instead of only removing the virus and recover the files. See my earlier post on how to start using windows defender.

The below steps outlines how to remove virus on any storage device:

-> If the suspected virus is on an external drive eg flash drive, insert the flash drive. Open My computer or use the keyboard shortcut (Windows key + E) to identify the drive letter associated with the external drive. Like the example in the picture below, the flash drive is identified with drive letter E: For your own, it may be a different letter, take note of this letter, as this is what you will be selecting under the windows defender option.

my computer picture


-> Open  your windows defender/Microsoft security essentials, then locate and click the “custom” option on the windows defender, then click “Scan now” see illustration below: Please note that if you want to quickly scan your computer system, you can select the “Quick” option, this scan will only scan some aspect of your computer, if you want an entire scan of your system, select the “Full” option.

select custom pic

-> Your action above will take you to where you will select the drive you want to scan. See picture illustration below: You can see, I clicked on the drive with letter E: as i have identified it under the My computer section.

scan now picture

Click on “OK”, windows defender start scanning the flash or hard disk or any drive you are having. Depending on the files on the drive and virus infection, it may take sometime to finish the scanning. Wait for it to complete.

If there are virus on the device, windows defender informs you and tells you which option is best for you to take. Read the option and click “OK” to remove the virus or disinfect the virus.

Note: After a successful scan, some of your files may still be hidden, see my post on how to recover hidden files on a flash here

If you can’t understand any of this instructions, use the comment section.


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