When virus attack a storage device like hard disk/drive, flash drive, memory card, one quick thing they do is to hide your files or turn your files to shortcuts. I will be showing how to use windows command prompt (cmd) to reveal or recover your files and folders. That you recover your files doesn’t mean the virus is still not present. See my post on how to remove virus on your storage device be it flash drive, memory card, hard disk, or other storage device .

See the steps below to reveal/recover/retrieve hidden files or files turned to shortcut:

-> Insert the storage device, if it is your hard disk, it is also the same process to recover files on the hard disk. Launch My Computer or use the keyboard shortcut (Windows key + E). Identify the drive letter you want to recover the files. See a picture illustration below:

my computer picture

For this tutorial, I want to recover files on the drive with letter E: Take note of the drive letter.

-> Launch command prompt (cmd) by searching for it. To search, press the windows key, then type cmd, it shows command prompt, right click on it, then select Run as administrator. When the command prompt launch, type the following code without quotes and replace where you see letter with the drive letter you want to recover.

attrib -r -h -s letter:*.* /s /d“,

See a picture illustration of this below:

cmd code in picture

in my own case, i will replace the letter with E like this: “attrib -r -h -s E:*.* /s /d“, then hit the enter button. Command prompt scan through the drive, and recover the files or folders.

Congrats, your files and folders are now recovered. Open the storage device you will see your files now.

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