open key picIn this post, I will be highlighting the kind of password you should use on various websites and  other online platforms.


-> Use long password: It is advised you use long characters as your password. Your password characters may be around at least 8 characters. eg 8970yhurjid


-> Avoid same password: Avoid using the same password on every online platforms. If you cannot remember your password, you can save it in a location that you can easily retrieve it for use. One reason to avoid using same password is because it is not every online platforms that you visit are that secured, so, once your password is gotten from any site, fraudsters, hackers can easily have access to your other online platforms without your permission.


-> Avoid using phone numbers: It is advised you avoid phone numbers as your password on every online platforms that you use. This days, It is very easy to get phone numbers of people via social media.


-> It is advised you avoid using easy english words for your website. It can be easily predicted via dictionary attack.


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-> Passwords can be combination of letters, numbers. Eg ieroueureiru74874, 88578475487fjdjfjjdfjha,




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