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Minimizing opened application on windows Operating System (OS) involves putting the application in the background process of the computer by clicking the minimize button on the application. This action reduce opened application on the main desktop view. See it advantages and disadvantages outlined below:

Advantages of minimizing application on Windows OS

-> The windows looks tidy as no application is scattered across the screen.

-> The windows put application in the background process, thereby releasing resources to currently viewable applications.

Disadvantages of minimizing application on Windows OS

-> When you click to view application you put on the background through minimizing after a long period, it may take some times before the application respond properly to you.

-> When on background, some process of an opened application may have lost contact with the main app thereby causing malfunction.


If you don’t want to minimize, simply live an opened application and navigate to any other application you want to use, no need to press the minimize button.



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