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Family consist of the father, mother and their children. This definition can be for the smallest unit of family. Family can also consist of group of people related by blood which may include uncle, aunty,nephew,niece,cousins and so on.

In the end, it is family we all gat.


In the outline below, I will be showing some importance of the family:


-> Growing up: Once a child is born, family start taking care of the child. The parents, family relations nurture the child, teach the child important things like language, identification and so on.


-> Finance: Family provide finance to take care of a child. A family or parents with little finance or no finance may find it difficult to raise the child. That is one reason you hear stories of how a mother abandons new born because of the problem of raising the child.


-> Support: No matter what, family shows support for their relations whether in good times or bad times. Friends may be tired at some point, but family still stands by you. Whenever things want to seem beyond your control, you can call for family support. Family rocks right?


-> Inheritance: Family also offers inheritance. Just by being a member of family, it can grant you access to some valuables and properties. Sometimes, you hear of family members fighting over properties of a late member of the family.


-> Opportunity: By the mention of some family name, ways opens up for such individual, that is why at the slightest opportunity, some folks will even want to change to another name or claim another family name.


-> Emotion and Attention: Family is one sure place to share your fears, emotions, or seek attention. They will surely give you attention. See post on the stand of family as regards whom to marry or start a family with


In the end, it is family we all gat.


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