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Any content like image, videos, text that originates from you is advised to be branded or watermarked. Many bloggers, contents creator, are just around to steal contents without giving you the original creator the credit or the source of the content. Preventing or reducing this attitude is one advantage of watermarking or branding your content.

What you can watermark


1. A download folder and file

When you place a folder and file online, you can brand it or name it a name that is linked with you, so as to show anyone that you uploaded it or originated from you. For example, I can name my folder “Android app uploaded by”, “Naira rain music uploaded by” and so on. This creates a brand and make people quickly know it is your work or content or you uploaded.


2. Music

If you upload a music from a musician for example on the internet, you can brand the name as originating or uploaded by you. For example “Konkobility by Olamide”. You can also work on the music album art using Adobe Fireworks to edit the album art to include your brand, name, image and so on. For example: Naijaloaded is like the No1 music download portal from Nigeria, and most of the songs they upload carry their brand or watermark of this picture below.

naijaloaded brand


3. Video

Also, just like a music is branded as originating or uploaded by you, you can also brand a video. You can edit the name of the uploaded music, you can also edit the video to put your website or brand on the music. You can search about how to put a brand on a music or video file using the search engines.


The below highlight benefits of watermarking or branding content or exclusive content that originates from you


1. Popularity

When you brand contents (images, videos, writings etc) originating from you or uploaded by you, you will increase your popularity.


2. Increase your traffic

When your popularity increases, many viewers irrespective of where your content is displayed on the internet will want to come to your source. For example, when you brand or watermark a picture with your website or your name, many people that sees it or interacts with it will want to navigate to the source to see full details or enjoy more which ultimately increases your traffic.


3. Revenue

When you have more traffic coming to your source via your branded materials, content on the internet, you have the opportunity to increase your earnings and revenue base. This post on ways to monetize or make money on your website or mobile apps can be of help.


Note: This may not eradicate copy and past attitude of various users, but will reduce it and then help your business on the internet and other online platforms or networks.



See post on how to watermark or brand your content(like image,writings et al)


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