Various concepts/idea that turned into reality today went through all sort of stereotyping, classifying, description and given a bad judgement. In this piece, I will be highlighting the five stages idea go through before finally becoming a reality.

Sometimes in life, somethings seems impossible until it is done. Also, it is better something is already done before showing it to other people as comment alone can make you drop your ideas.


Stage 1: It is irrelevant to this situation

When idea/concept is first brought forward, the idea is described as irrelevant to the situation at hand.


Stage 2: It is relevant, but not proven

With some persistence, the idea starts gaining some recognitions but it is now described as “yet to be proven” especially when the idea is a new one.


Stage 3: It is proven, but dangerous

After passing stage 2, the idea is now described as dangerous to be adopted. There will come various analysis on how dangerous the idea is and why people will not be able to accept it due to its harmful, bad nature it possess.


Stage 4: It’s safe, but not saleable

After passing stage 3, the next problem is the idea being saleable. It has to be proven that the idea will sell else it may not be adopted. There has to be some hypothesis, research, small implementation on how to sell this idea.


Stage 5: It will sell, what a great idea

This is the final stage. The idea is now described as a great idea and will definitely sell. At this stage, the idea is implemented and it comes to reality. You will like post on ideas/business that brings in bigger income/earnings.


If you have any idea and you believe in it workability, don’t relent until it becomes a reality. Also, your Idea don’t need to be accepted before you start bringing it forth (start developing it now). When your idea gains recognition, those that rejected it at first will come and discuss how it can be turned to a bigger business investment.


Reference: What a great Idea! by Chic Thompson 2007.


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