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Assuming you just made a post or created a content on your blog or website that people may need to quickly search about for example, “a news/post that has to do with time” , you may need to quickly submit it to search engine so as to be among the first websites that will be listed by search engines. On a good day, it takes sometimes like several hours or days before search engines crawl your website to show on their search engine result, but this topic will be showing how to quickly add your web content or post under minutes to search engines.

1. Google

If you want to quickly submit your content to google, submit your content url to google here or click on this link:

E.g submit “” url to search engine.

2. Bing

If you want to quickly submit your content to bing search engine, click on submit url on bing website here

or click on this link

To submit your content to other search engines, you can search about it on google via google or bing.

See how you can always rank first on search engines or make search engines show your webpages first.


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