That you are moving from one host to another doesnot mean you should be starting your web/online presence from the beginning again. In this post, I will be highlighting some things you should take note when you are changing from one web host to another. Some reasons for moving from one host to another can be due to the service of the current host, speed, customer service, failures and other reasons best known to anyone that wants to migrate.


-> Database: Backup your database from the current host, so, as to upload the database to your new host. Also, take note of your database name, username and password on the new host because if they are not going to be the same for your current host, you will need to change them accordingly on the new host.


-> Credentials: For seamless transfer or moving from one web host to another, take note of your credentials that are likely to change or are going to change on the new host. This may include but not limited to your site username and password (this may not change), your database name, database username and password, your file name.


-> Your uploaded files: Your uploaded files includes every files and folders that your websites or web apps depends on to function properly. They include pictures, .txt files, images, .php files, .asp files, .htaccess files and every other files that your website or app depends on to function without breaking.

To download and upload your files from your web host, you can use filezilla.



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