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In lifestyles, we often like to compare ourselves with other people. Merely comparing oneself with others is not the issue but when you compare yourself with others and you start using it to behave or act is where the problem comes in. In this post, I will be highlighting reasons not to compare oneself with others and then start using it to act.


-> Likes and Dislikes: We all have different things that we like and dislike. Even husband and wife that have lived together for several years, still have many things that they like and dislike differently. Comparing yourself with others and then using it to act may not make you get the best out of life.


-> Experience: Our experiences can never be the same thing. This is another reason not to compare oneself with others indiscriminately.


-> Taste: Our taste for something is of different measure. For example, some people like to be eulogized briefly while some want the world to recognize their appearance. Some want a simple lifestyle and place premium on other things like relationship, while some prefer a flambuoyant style and treat other issue in a simple way.


-> Confidence: Confidence level is not something that is inbuilt, you build it by yourself. When you build your level of confidence to a high level, you may likely not be trapped into comparing yourself with others.


-> What you do: Life possibilities is endless. What people do for a living or earnings is different from each other, so, why do you think people’s pattern that is different from yours is wrong or not good enough. We don’t have the same bank account balance, we don’t do same work, we don’t think or see things same way.


**One solution is to know yourself and be confident about your decisions per time.**



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