In this post, I will be explaining the steps/settings on setting up etisalat blackberry data plan for your computer via your modem or your mobile phone wireless hotspot.


See post on how you can setup your etisalat APN for etisalat bb sub on your mobile phone incase you want to use your mobile phone hotspot to connect internet to your computer.


If you will be using a modem to connect to the internet, you will need to navigate to your modem profile settings for your etisalat bb configuration to setup your APN . Like the modem I am using for illustration in this tutorials, I click to Tools >> Options >> Profile Management and then created a new profile to be using for this etisalat bb subscription. The APN is set to:, you can give your profile any name and then leave other field empty.

See snapshot below:


pics1: Where to set your APN name.

After setting the APN name, you can set your new profile the “default” settings.

Now, you have two options to browse on your computer. You can either browse via this configuration on only your browser or make everything that requires internet on your computer use this your settings.

To allow only your browser use this to browse the internet eg Mozilla firefox in this illustration, navigate to your browser “menu”, then follow in this order,  Tools >> options >> Advanced >> Network >> Settings, then fill the http proxy:, port: 8080 has you can see in this screenshot:

etisalat_proxy_settingspics2: etisalat proxy settings

To allow every part of your computer access the internet via this etisalat proxy settings/configuration, follow this:

Press the Windows key and search for “Internet options”, if it doesn’t display, click on the “settings” tab to see the internet options and then click on it. On the internet options interface, click on the “Connections” >> LAN settings if you will be using the wireless hotspot or you look for the profile name you set earlier or the modem of the modem to put the etisalat proxy settings. In this picture, I used the LAN settings. follow this picture to guide you:

etisalat_proxy_settingspic3: proxy settings for etisalat bb sub

If you are using modem and can’t find the profile name you just created, close the “internet options” and then connect your modem and immediately disconnect then navigate back to the “internet options”, you will see the profile name or the modem name then put the settings as illustrated in pic3 above. Address:, 8080

Once you are done, click OK, exit the internet option and connect your modem to browse selecting the profile you created earlier or connect the wireless hotspot you created.



If you have any questions or confirmations or additions or other issues, you can use the comment section.


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