Various ads dimensions/sizes

In this earlier topic, “reasons/advantages of advertising, it describe various reasons you need to do advertisement. In this post, I will be talking about the various popular ads dimensions and sizes used for digital advertisement.

Ads can be served or displayed in two major ways namely:

– Text Ads

– Image Ads.

It is only the Image ads that uses dimensions or sizes, as text ads is displayed in plain text.

Ads dimension is measured in Width and height (W x H). Like the below picture clearly illustrate, the width comes first and then the height e.g 300 x 250 means 300pixel width and 250pixel in height.


Various types of popular ads dimensions and sizes

1. 720 x 90 (leaderboard)

728x90 ads size

2. 160×600 (wide skyscraper)

160x600 ads size dimension

3. 320×50 (Mobile Banner)

320X50 ads size dimension

4. 336×280 (large rectangle)

5. 300×250 (medium rectangle)

300 x 250 write and record gif pics

This is an example of 300×250 I used to promote “Write and Record” app.

6. 468×60 (banner)

7. 233×60 (half banner)

8. 120×600 (skyscaper)

9. 120×240 (vertical banner)

10. 300×600 (large skyscraper)

11. 250×250 (square)

12. 200×200 (small square)

13. 180×150 (small rectangle)

14. 125×125 (button)

Note: If you are going to be displaying image ads on various ads publishing network like google adsense or adword, google admob, or adquet, you can probably design various dimension, so, as to enable your ads display on any available dimensions.

See post on how to pay for digital advertisement and the advantages of each of this methods.


Reference: Adquet various ads sizes


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