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Diamond Y’ello Account (DYA) is a mobile money platform where you can do various financial transaction like withdraw money, send money, recharge phone and so on without the need of going to the bank. You simply carry out transaction via your mobile phone and it does not require the internet. It is owned by MTN and the partnering bank is Diamond bank Plc.

How does Diamond Yello Account (DYA) works

MTN have various business people scattered across everywhere in Nigeria serving as DYA agents that any DYA customers can meet physically to send or receive money into their DYA account. DYA simply serves as a bank but you don’t need to go to any physical bank be it diamond bank or any other bank to open or transact business on DYA.

How to become a DYA customer

Right there from your MTN line, you can open a DYA account. You simply dial *710# and press the call button/key. For every new MTN line, once this is dial for the first time, a DYA would be opened for such MTN line. You would be given a diamond bank account number which you can also use to transact business in diamond bank anywhere if you want to. Once you have created your DYA account, you can start using it for all kind of bank transactions. During registration, you will set a pin you will always use to perform any transactions.

Advantages of DYA

1. Fast, reliable, safe

You dont need to go to any physical bank to line up to send or receive money, you simply approach any dya agent and send or receive money to your account at a very good transaction charges. dya to dya attracts N20 charges, dya to other banks attracts N100 charges. You can also withdraw cash from any dya agents.

Various code to perform DYA transactions

1. To open a DYA account: dial => *710#

2. To check balance on your DYA: dial => *710*556#

3. To purchase airtime(only mtn lines): dial => *710*555*any mtn line*amount*your pin#

4. To transfer money from DYA to other banks: dial => *710*777*account no*amount*your pin#

5. To transfer money from DYA to another DYA: dial => *710*710*phone no*amount*your pin#

6. To pay bill: dial => *710*123*your pin#


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