adquet_image*** As at the time of editing this post(15th August, 2016 8:58am), adquet now loads fine on every website that uses it. ***

Incase you don’t know, Adquet is a nigeria based advertisement platform to pay and place your digital ads for advertisement and also to publish digital adverts so as to earn for publishing on your website just like the way “google ads services” function.

As at the time of writing this(15th August, 2016), Adquet is doing fine all this while but like 3-4 days ago, adquet does not quickly load up ads on every website that uses its code thereby causing the website to load very slowly. For example, website that loads in 3-6seconds to load up completely now takes like 30seconds to 1minutes to load completely.

If you are not worried by your website loading speed, you can still keep using adquet codes till Adquet managers fix the problem. Personally, I think Adquet may be under attack from somewhere, or many users(advertisers and publishers) are now using adquet thereby causing the slow speed.

I would suggest adquet managers to implement something like “asynchronous/parallel functions” so as to allow websites to load every other part of it even if adquet is yet to load. Right now, if adquet has not yet loaded, it prevent other part of a website that uses it from also loading up quickly.

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