do_what_say_affect_me_youWe all hear or say stuffs like “What others say about me does not matter”, “fuck haters”, “people are gonna be hating” and so on due to people’s reactions or supposed reactions to whatever you do or say.

The question here is simple: Does what other say or think about you affects you?

I think what people say or react towards your actions affects you. You will like topic on situations where people thought towards you matters.

Directly or Indirectly, what others say affects you. It may either make you love your actions more or make you have a rethink about your actions. For you to even react towards people’s comments towards you whether a compliments or negative comments shows you care about what people think or say about you. It does not matter what kind of comments(whether negative or positive) is made.

Sometimes, we think we are doing the best to get our desired results, but when we jam another situation or condition or information, we do have a rethink or change of mind.

I will live you on this note: MUCH information is good and even better is MUCH resolve to acheive whatever you desire no matter how little or big it looks like.


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