My friend came to meet me that he needed a bank account to help receive a particular money from a sender. I listened to him and immediately gave him an excuse that my ATM card cannot withdraw, that I have to always go to bank any time I want to withdraw any money.

My friend came back again, but this time, he changed his mode of transaction. He said if he can get any bank account quickly, he will give a certain amount of money for this service. Immediately I heard this, I was interested in providing a bank account since I know I will have some money to gain at the end. Of course, I gave him my bank account quickly and got back some money for helping him out at the end. Now, I know some readers will say or think something like, “life is not all about money”, “you too like money”, “haba, you can’t even help your friend for free”, “haa, what are friends for” and other kind of thoughts.

Lemme quickly provide some backgrounds to this issue.

Yes, he is my friend, but I don’t think he has helped me solve a big problem like this in the past. Yes, we talk, discuss, and help each other on small issues but this is the first time, this kind of assistance his popping up.

What is the point I am making

The point I am trying to make is simple: In life, people may not respond to your needs or help you if they will not be getting something in return. When people don’t see what they will gain, they may not be willing to be of help.

Use what you have to get what you want. Don’t think relationship will always give you what you want from another person. Relationship can make striking conversation easier but relationship may not be enough. You may need to use your money, skills, and other means to get what you want.


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