This topic will be discussing how to have a better deal or negotiation or outcome whenever you or loved ones or your other kinds of relationship are in the hands of the police. I have earlier written about my personal experience in the hands of nigerian police, highlighting the styles police use. Just recently, someone I read about was forced to cough out N30,000 naira to be bailed from the police cell, yet some of his properties are still yet to be released. This topic is essentially for those that have nothing to hide but want to be taken advantage of/extorted by the styles of the police.

Just like many other Nigerian public sector that have strange style of dealing with issues, I am not singling out the police.

See highlights below:


1. Get Receipt/paper document for your properties

One thing that can make you fall into the hands of the police is not having receipt or document for your properties like phone, electronics, laptops etc. Any which way you can get receipt, get it for your properties beforehand. You may think you don’t need to get receipt as you can never get yourself into trouble but know for sure that trouble can come and get you or loved ones that may affect you.


2. Watch what you say or write as statement

When you are to make confession about a situation that involves the police or write statement of an event, be careful of what you say. The police may want to use any of your confessions or statement to hold you then extort you or intimidate you.


3. Compose yourself

Be compose and confident. You don’t need to be afraid or show sign of being scared. Be at ease to answer questions and make it brief and straight forward.


4. Settlement

When you are caught with any “exhibit”, the closest thing to do to get you out of more trouble is to pay off/settle the police before it is escalated, and get your time wasted in the hands of the police.


5. Get a lawyer

Be close to lawyers or those acquainted with existing laws so as to have a better deal or outcome in the hands of the police. If you are ignorant, and afraid or scared, you will surely be taken advantage of.


Take note that it is illegal for the police to search your house without a court issuing a “search warrant”.


Be a good citizen and stay out of trouble.


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