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You can search any content on a wordpress website without first visiting the website to use the search button. I will be showing how to do this in this topic. See the steps below:

Step 1. Input the url of the website into your browser and go to step2 e.g or any website you want to search from.


Step 2. Add this(“/?s=”) immediately after the url in step1 e.g or or etc.

Note: If your search is more than one word, use the “+” sign to combine them together e.g mobile and apps = mobile+apps, wizkid and videos = wizkid+videos


Step 3. Press enter or go button, and wait for the webpage to load. This search above for example, will search the blog or website for content, or post, that is related to what you are searching for then display them to you. If there is no record of what you are searching for on the website, it displays empty result.


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