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As a website/internet user, there is always a need to search something on a blog or website. It is also important to know how to search for anything you want on a blog or website. On a search engines like google, bing, yahoo search and host of others, you may type whatever you want and get good result because, search engines were designed to function that way, but a website or blog may not give you the same result even though it has what you are looking for.

In this post, I will be explaining how to quickly search a blog or website and get results successfully. See earlier post written on how you can search any item on a particular website without first visiting the website to use its search button.

See tips on how to get good result from your search on blogs/websites below

1. Use few words

When searching blogs or website, the fewer the word you use, the more result you get and the more the chances to get what you are searching for. For example, if you want to search about admission information on a particular blog/website, you can search like this: “oau admission” or “futminna 2016 admission”, “olamide lagos boys” instead of using more words that reduce your chances of getting what you want e.g “how to get admission into futminna university”, “how much is the price of imported rice in nigeria”, “download ybnl olamide music lagos boys 2015 release”.

The fewer your choice of words, the greater your chances of getting what you are looking.


2. Use important keywords when searching

When searching for something on a particular website/blog, make sure you use important words that will give you result and also use specific word. You don’t have to make a complete statement before you search for something, simply use words that is important in your search. For example, if you are looking for kim kardashian pictures, search like this: “kim kardashian sexy pictures”, not “kim kardashian america pictures”, search like this: “dollar naira rate”, not “what is dollar to naira exchange rate at the moment”, search like this: “mmm dollar naira rate“, not “how to convert mmm mavro exchange rate to other currency“.


3. Spell correctly

Like I earlier said, search engine websites are designed/optimized to take any question type and still give you result you are looking for, but most websites, blogs are not designed this way. When searching for something on a website, try to type your keywords correctly because the person that writes a website content, blog/website owner might have typed keywords correctly but when you(a website user) is searching and then type a different keyword you may not get what you are looking for. E.g you are looking for davido music on a website, you should search something like: “davido money song”, not “davodi money song”


Bloggers, website owners should also make their websites, blogs to be robust as much as possible to take any type of searches from all kinds of users.


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