Incase you are yet to be informed or not yet aware, Whatsapp can temporarily ban users from using Whatsapp if you are violating any of the below whatsapp rules. This rules is not meant to harm users, but to protect users from fraudulent, offensive, spammers and intrusive use of whatsapp messaging platform.


1. Sending too many message to users that do not have your number saved in their phone,device contacts address.


2. When too many Whatsapp users block you in a short period of time. To avoid this, send message to those who want to receive your message or will not find your messages too offensive else, many whatsapp users may block you at the same time. You will like topic on how whatsapp generates its revenue.


3. Creating too many groups that contains users that doesnot have your phone number in their address books. It is advised you tell your other whatsapp users to save your contact on their devices to avoid you been banned.


4. Manually sending the same message content to too many people at a very short period of time. It will look to whatsapp that you are spamming other whatsapp users. For alternative, you can use the “broadcast feature” of Whatsapp to send same message at the same time. See article on what whatsapp end-to-end encryption really means


Reference: Whatsapp faq, Banned whatsapp user laments


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