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Facebook notification about a post can sometimes keep you updated about a post and can sometimes be annoying. In this post, I will be showing how you can turn off notifications for any facebook post.

What causes/makes facebook to notify you about a post

When you write a comment on a particular post on facebook or like or react towards any post, facebook automatically register you to receive “Updates” about the post. “Updates” here can mean other comments by other facebook users, likes, reactions(love,angry,whao etc) from other users. It means, if any new person do anything new on that particular post you earlier reacted to, you will also be notified on your facebook notifications area. This notification will make you up-to-date about contents you reacted to but this can also be boring especially when you are no longer interested in that particular content. That is the reason I have created this post.

How to turn off notifications on any facebook post

As at the time of writing this post, it is not every means you can use to access facebook that can be used to turn off notifications for a post. To turn off notifications, you can use the following means:

1. Google chrome browser

2. Facebook mobile app

3. UC browser(turn off speed mode)

I know operamini browser, firefox computer browser does not have this feature activated yet.

See the steps to turnoff facebook notification of a post below:

1. Navigate to any post that you don’t want to receive any of its notification on your facebook notifications area. Like the picture below:

how to turn off facebook post notifications

2. Click on the button at the top right corner of the post(click more to reveal this button), look for “Turn off notifications for this post” button, then click on it.

Gbam!!!  You just turned off notifications for that post.

If you are still interested in this post, you can navigate to it by yourself and not via facebook disturbing notifications on your facebook account.

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