As stated by V., the writer of the book: The Mafia Manager, paraphrasing it “the world lives on pretense, help continue the pretense”.

According to, the word pretense is defined as the act of pretending or alleging falsely, a false allegation or justification. According to Google definition, pretense can also be described as an attempt to make something that is not the case appear true.

I am not even trying to say pretense is wrong or right, I am just highlighting the reality.

Some life examples of pretense

1. When you know someone is lying and yet you think things is gonna be better, that is pretense.

2. When you lie against another person, so as to be justified, that is pretense.

3. Governments, managers use pretense to achieve various goals.


I don’t know if it is because, it is inbuilt to humans to pretend to others or because it is an idea that is popular, but the reality is that; pretense/deception controls the world and many people love others that can pretend.

If you are too real, many people won’t like you. Everybody loves a pretender.


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