As earlier discussed about the various ways you can pay for ads and monitor your adverts progress, I will be comparing two popular ads platform(Adquet and Nairaland) on the effectiveness of its advert placement service.


1. Advert spread all over websites

In terms of the spread of your adverts across various websites, device, platforms you have more spread when you advertise on Adquet than Nairaland. Nairaland is a single website that have a lot of users while Adquet is an advert placement platform that spreads your adverts,products, services across thousands of website.


2. Choice of billing

Nairaland bill advertisers based on impression which means you get billed according to the number of times your ads is displayed to anybody that visits nairaland. On Adquet, you can choose how you want to pay for your ads whether via impressions or whenever anybody click on your ads. I notice most people that place ads on AdQuet uses the Pay-per-Click option.


3. Flexibility of your ads

On Adquet, you can design your adverts using all kind of ads dimensions, from 300×250, 720*90 and other sizes while on Nairaland, you are only limited to one dimension. Ads dimension offers you opportunity to include many writings, pictures to your adverts. If you have a bigger dimension, you will be able to capture more things on your ads.


4. Good return on Investment

AdQuet provides a detailed opportunity to monitor how your adverts is progressing, you can view the location where clickers are coming from, what word triggers your adverts, and other behaviors around your ads. Nairaland doesnot provide such detailed report.


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