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What is social media?

Social media platforms are websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.


Social media platforms are very good place to show your latest activities and have fun. It may not necessarily describe reality, but it is surely a place to have fun and engage with other people.

Examples of social media platforms are namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,, Whatsapp, Baddo and many more.

Social media is changing how we live

Social media has changed and is still changing how we live our lives. With social media, you can easily engage other people of different society, background, culture on all kinds of matter. With the aid of social media, you can display all your latest activities from new look, daring look, latest properties, and so on. Somehow, social media have increased pressure on our lives. At any corner of the world, you can make impact on the life of another person in another corner of the world. From Nigeria, you can impact someone in india, in europe, in america and so on. It is very easy. Simply get a content, article, picture, post and voom, put on twitter, facebook, instagram and before you know it, it is already breaking the internet and every body is already talking about it.

Social media may not describe reality

It is of importance to note that facebook may not necessarily describe or depict reality. You should not be swept off your feet because of a content on social media. You should be wary of everybody on social media. See topic on the latest scams/fraud perpetrated via social media. There are stories of how people are duped using the social media. People have been killed, harmed by people they met on social media.

Enjoy the fun of social media, meet people, engage with others, have many friends has much as possible and also be at alert of the fact that it may not necessarily describe reality.


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