Everybody cannot be a business owner.

This is a short story about my successful uncle, he never had any major business, but achieved many good things of life.

My uncle never started out as a business person. Uncle had a university degree, got government job and keep improving in his career. One attitude of my uncle is his ability to manage resources be it money or relationship or in between. When most of his colleagues are still enjoying their rented apartments, uncle already built his house and moved in with his family.

As uncle progressed in his government job, many good things of life like houses, cars, philanthropy became so easy for him to acquire, all good things were within his reach. Yes, he was not as rich or popular as “Dangote” but everybody around uncle felt his wealth and impacts on them.

Some of uncle attitudes are outlined below

1. Uncle knows how to manage resources.

2. Uncle doesnot go for everything available but for what is important for his life.

3. Uncle is a contented person.


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