When you are chatting with someone for the first time online, you need to take care of some issues to have a successful communication. Of course, this topic is not one size fits it all topic. Every case is unique, some of the below tips will guide your communication.


1. Introduce yourself

You should quickly introduce yourself when you are meeting someone online for the first time, especially if the other person you are meeting does not know your identity and you need a help, or favor from them. Its creates a good atmosphere for you and the other person to have a successful conversation. Also, if the other person you are chatting with ask for how you got their contacts, you should be able to provide an answer to that question and not feel been looked down upon or belittled. It helps you to have a successful conversation with the other person. Personally, I have met people online that don’t know me, and just start asking their questions right there without me having any clue on how they got my contacts. Most of this conversation don’t always result in a successful communication. See topic on why you should not compare yourself with others.


2. Be polite

Try as much to be polite when meeting other people online for the first time. Respect the other person, you don’t have to first sound casual. You can use some formal language. You can use words like, “Sir, How can I do this?” instead of “bro, how can i do this?”. It makes the other person know you are serious about what you are asking about and the other person will take you serious for that.


3. Be definite

After introducing yourself, if you need an answer to a question, or favors, you can now go straight to ask the other person. It makes the other person know you are not just around to cause trouble or waste their time and this will make the other person respond quickly to what you are asking about.


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