Someone(A lady) was dropped from a big car and was accompanied with all kinds of gift and in few hours, died coughing blood. Many people assumed her death has to be linked to those she met in the big car. Yes, it is possible her death is linked with those in the big car, but where is the proof or evidence. In Nigeria for example, we assume alot of things without proof or evidence and that is one reason evil things always reoccur without any solution to forestall it in the future.

In life, what you don’t know or believe in cannot harm or kill you. See topic on why people behave in a particular way. It is good to know about a problem, and also good to know about solution to the problem or simply offer yourself as solution to the problem. Don’t just believe in an idea because everybody talks about it or hold it to be true. Human mind also works by perception. It is popular to hear that “perception is everything”. Whatever you believe in will either work against you or work to your advantage. You can believe in something in the past, and if it is not giving you the best that you want, you can change the believe for another idea that gives you the result you want.


It is good to remember you are in control of your outcome in life.


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