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Asking questions is absolutely good.


What happens when you ask too much questions

If you keep asking questions over a matter or situations or idea from people without taking actions by testing the idea, or making a research about it, you will do two things to yourself:


1. It will limits your knowledge to what the people you have asked from told you.

2. You may have enough informations not to even start taking actions at all about the issue.


In life, nobody tells you everything and nobody is even capable of telling you everything about something. You will have to go and search for, or simply face whatever you are interested in.


Personally, I remember when I started learning how to learn and write computer program some years ago. I have a friend that is already into computer program. I always disturb him about what I am thinking in my head about computer program. I thought I was helping myself by always disturbing my friend about problems i am thinking about, but one day, my friend simply said “you cannot learn computer program by only thinking about it, you have to write code and test them”. In other words, to know computer program, you have to practice it than read about it.


Also, when you ask questions, wait for answers before you ask another question. The reason is that it is possible what you need as solution is already in the answer that was earlier given. Don’t just think you have to ask all the questions in your mind. Communication is a two way thing, “you talk, and  you listen to replies”.


Except for people that are cool tempered, when you keep disturbing other people about questions and questions without you learning much for yourself, they may shout on you one day and they will try to avoid you because you piss them off.


The point I am trying to make is this, ask questions, listen to replies, take actions on your answers, replies, thoughts. You are the master of yourself, Nobody would do that for you.


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