website provides a platform where you can always know mmm current dollar to naira rate by yourself, calculate dollar to naira conversion in mmm and also know how much your money would have increased to within 30-35 days all by yourself.


Both participants and non-participants of mmm have always wondered where mmm gets 30% percent additional profits its pay any of its participant every 30days. In this post, I will be explaining how mmm pays this 30% percent profit based on my understanding.

It does not make sense keeping your money in the bank where it will never increase when you can put it in mmm and get back 130%(your money + 30% profit).

Note: I am a participant of mmm in Nigeria, I have put in 20k before and got back 34k and I still continue with mmm till date.

How mmm pays participants 30% profit every 30days


MMM is like a network of various participants that transfers money to each other. Because you know you will be paid your money plus 30% of your money in 30days time, you transfer your money to another person that has put down his/her money sometimes ago. I think that is the simple way mmm pays you your money plus 30% of your money. MMM simply use money of new donors to pay those that have donated/transfer their money to another person in the past, just like the above picture have described it. website provides a platform where you can always know mmm current dollar to naira rate by yourself, calculate dollar to naira conversion in mmm and also know how much your money would have increased to within 30-35 days all by yourself.

If I refer you to MMM for example, I get a 10% commission on every money you put in. If other people also register mmm using your referral, you also get 10% on any of their donations. You can register for mmm right away using my referral link or putting my email under “invite” during your registration.

Email to use:

Whenever you provide help(PH) or want to send money to another participant, it is not only your money + 30% percent extra that is generated by the mmm system, there is additional 10% generated for your mmm referrer, 5% for mmm guider, and other % for higher participants at the top tiers of the mmm system. That is how higher players on the mmm platform generates its own money.

Can MMM crash

MMM can crash. Even MMM managers clearly states on their website that there is no guarantee of getting back your money has you are transferring it to other people. MMM will crash when people, participants are no longer willing to put down their money into it. If people keep joining mmm, it can never crash. That is one reason I am inviting you to join mmm today.

Questions about MMM

If you have other questions about MMM, you can visit MMM frequently asked questions(faq), it will answer almost all your questions about mmm.

Do you want to register for mmm?

Visit mmm website here: MMM official registration website  or click here to register for mmm.

In Conclusion

I have enjoyed and still enjoying mmm, that is why I am also inviting you to join mmm today.

If you have other questions, clarifications holla me via the comment section or

Whatsapp: 08026083918, Call/Text: 09099305612 or

Send email to:,

See topic on how to calculate mmm mavro dollar to naira exchange rate per time.

The below content will also help you to understand how mmm works better:



1.Meaning of MMM?
• Mavrodi Mondial Movement

2. Function and duties of MMM?

• MMM gives you a technical platform which helps millions of participants worldwide to connect those who NEED HELP to those who are ready to PROVIDE HELP, for FREE.

3. Purpose of MMM?
• To reduce and break the chain of slavery in financial institution where depositor are being enslaved by their own money, where bankers lives large and healthy on our deposit while depositors lives on credit and loan.
• To reduce stratification and reduce wide gap between the Rich and the poor indiscriminately.

4. Who is behind it?
• Sergey Mavrodi

5. Is mmm legal?
• There is no law backing donation as illegal. So, it’s legal to donate to one another

6. Is your money guaranteed?
• There are no guarantees and promises. Neither explicit nor implicit.

7. What does the initiator gets in return?
• Loyalty, money from traffic (over 2 million people access the site in a day)

8. How is the community managed?
• From money got or raised from the traffic
• They also continue to PH and GH

9. Who manages it and where does the money comes from? Site subscription etc.?
• The community is managed by continuous PH and GH that is, YOU and ME which guarantees the number of traffic per day

10. Where does the 30% comes from?
• It is gotten from the donations made by the community. For instance,
Titi deposited #1,000,000 in the bank while Tola, Bola, Tunde came to withdraw their savings of #200,000, #150,000, #500,000 respectively meanwhile, an interest of 1,000, 1200, 2500 respectively was added to their money after it has lasted for more than 2months in the bank.
So, Titi’s money was used to pay the 3 of them regardless of ‘WHO, WHEN and HOW’. This implies that both interest and capital received are from the deposits made. Only in some exceptional case where money are fixed for a long time.
So in MMM it’s similar, all rewards comes from continuous PH and GH.

11. Where does the referrer bonus and registration bonus comes from?
• Referral bonus comes from continuous PH while registration comes from traffic fund generated daily.

12. What happen if I GH or we GH and refuse to PH due to fear of insecurity or unguaranteed?
• When few members refuse to PH after GH.
I. It might not have significant or No effect on the community because of no’s of active PH everyday locally and globally and new members joining each day( Presently over 3000 register each day in Nigeria alone)

13. What is the probability of members Phing back there already GH?
• Money GH has over 98% of returning back as PH immediately after GHing, Do they have any reason not to whether part, full or more of their initial GH.

14. What are the difference and similarities in MMM and other financial institutions apart from No acct, etc.?

a. MMM like a bank (More of Virtual banking) but not a bank.
b. MMM don’t collect money form members into a central account but Bank does
c. MMM can successfully project No’s of participate per time joining or will join but Bank cant
d. MMM can successfully project No’s of participate who will PH per time but Bank can’t determine no’s of depositors per time.
e. MMM gives reward 30% (fixed) regardless of status or Amount PROVIDED while Banks give interest 2-15%(unfixed) determined by status, amount, duration etc
f. Money GH has over 98% of returning back as PH immediately after GHing, while Bank has less than 10% of withdrawers returning as deposit even in over 3 month of withdrawing.
g. MMM can operate successfully with available participant till eternity while banks can’t.
h. MMM don’t trade, Invest, or save your money but Bank does.
i. MMM is meant for risk takers but bank could either ways.
j. MMM can maintain its members till eternity without No new members joining if we follows the rules but Banks get a replacement for every money withdraw per time with new deposit or new customers
k. MMM is based on trust, sincerity and charity while bank is based of deposit and profit.
l. MMM gives over 30% reward while bank gives you no interest or little in 30days.
m. When one or two participant stop to PH after GHing it has little or no significant because we have over 300 million participant globally with over 3000 Nigerian per week who Join newly while bank start having serious problem when you withdraw without deposit.

a. MMM gives reward 30% (fixed) while Banks gives interest 2-15 %( unfixed).
b. MMM gives referral bonus of 10% fixed to members while Bank gives 2-10% unfixed commission to marketer (contract staff).
c. MMM is in over 118 countries in 5 years of existences in almost all the villages, towns and cities of all the 118 countries with over 300million( far more than the entire population of Nigeria) while bank is only in major towns, cities of it resident

15. How secured is the community from external force?
• Very secured if we keep to the community rules and regulation all the time.


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