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This complaint is to Guarantee Trust Bank(GTBank).

I have noticed and complained to GTBank office about this fraudulent transaction from one of GTBank staff or an insider in GTBank to always steal my money under the guise of SystemSpecs transaction. What GTBank staff always assure me is that my money will be refunded, another of this fraud just happened on friday(9th sept ’16).

Its like a double deduction(one from the original transaction I did online and the other fraudulent one states (SystemSpecs).

This is the third time now within the space of 2-3months that I am charged the exact amount that I did not initiate carrying SystemSpecs as transaction narrative.

How does GTBank/SystemSpecs fraud happen

If I pay for a service online using my GTbank account, I will receive two alerts;

Alert1: This specify the service I paid for. E.g N2500 naira

Alert2: This specify the same amount deducted in my original transaction(same N2500 naira) but now as a different description: Transaction from SystemSpecs.

When I check my bank account balance, I notice that money have been deducted twice from my account.

I personally suspect this fraud is peddled by GTBank staffs or an insider in GTBank.

I will be lodging complaints again in GTBank office by Wednesday(14th Sept ’16), If my money is not returned, I will be closing my bank account and moving to other better bank.

Enough is Enough for GTBank fraudulent transaction.


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