If you don’t want to have issues with the MMM system, you need to play by the lay down rules.

One important rule is this:

1. One MMM Account, one Bank Account.

Avoid the temptation of only you creating multiple MMM account and then attaching them only to your own bank account. It may seem like a smart idea but when MMM place you under “temporary moratorium“, you will understand how powerful MMM systems works. Temporary moratorium is a term used in MMM when an MMM account is placed under a temporary ban and you cannot be paired with other MMM participant so as to get help(GH). You will be seeing your money, activities grow and other things, but you can only see it with your eyes, you may not receive alert into your bank account.

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Topic: How much will my money(e.g N30000) grow to in MMM in 1 month.

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2. Avoid playing with your bank account that you saved under MMM

To avoid being suspected for fraudulent activities as regards bank account under the MMM account section, always try to maintain only one bank account that you registered with under MMM through out the MMM cycle. Understand that this advice is different from a situation whereby someone hacks into your mmm account and changes/add a different bank account, so, as to divert your own mmm money into their own bank account. When such happens quickly make a report to “MMM support”, tell your referal/invite, tell your guider, so as to prevent hackers from diverting your money in the MMM system.

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