As at the time of editing this post(9th October, 2016), you can now proceed with the payment of futminna acceptance fees.

To access your school portal, visit futminna eportal here: https://eportal.futminna.edu.ng

You will be asked to supply your Student ID and Password.

To get it if you are yet to, click on TAB 2, supply your JAMB registration number and One of your name.

It will be sent to the email address futminna automatically created for you once given their admission. The default password to login to the email is your JAMB number. You will be asked to change the password when accessing the mail for the very first time.

Wishing you the very best in your career.


As at the time of writing this topic(27th September, 2016), futminna has just released the first batch of its 2016 admission list.

How to check futminna 2016/2017 admission status/list

To know if any candidate is admitted or yet to be admitted, simply visit futminna 2016 admission portal and provide:

1. Candidate Jamb Registration number eg. 56789043DG

2. One of the candidates name. eg okon

See how the admission status checking website looks like below:


See how the admission page looks like below:

futminna-2016-admission-page-image1 futminna-2016-admission-page-image2


Note: There will be addition of more candidate records to this admission list from time to time. If you check right now, and a candidate record is yet to be there, you should simply keep checking from time to time.


For other links to futminna 2016 admission related news, stories, contents, visit futminna 2016/2017 admission website here.


Note: For those given admission at the moment, you are given till 16th October, 2016 to  pay the admission acceptance fees, else, you may risk losing the admission.


NaijaTech wishes everyone all the best in their chosen career path.


Source: Futminna Website

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