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The windows Operating System(OS) have a fair share of CPU usage for each task/program that currently runs on your computer. If you want to give more priority to a particular, you need to manually set the priority of such task.

In this post, I will be showing how you can set the priority of any task from it “normal” status to “high” or “above normal” or “real-time” status.

Benefits of setting higher priority for task

1. Increase Speed

2. Better experience of that task

3. Helps game task: When you set a game program to have a higher priority, it even runs faster than when it is at its default “normal” priority.

 How to set task priority on Windows

1. On your windows OS, press the windows key and then type to search “task manager”. This is the logo of this application. Once it pops up as you type, click on it to launch the application.

windows os task manager logo

2. For the sake of this tutorial, I use windows 8 OS but it is the same for every other windows version. This is how “task manager” looks like when it launches.

windows os task manager logo look

3. When “task manager” launches, click on “Details” to set the priority of a particular running application or software. Note: to set the priority of a program, application, or software, it has be first running else, you will not see the program under “details”. See picture below:

how to set windows OS program task to high priority

Like the above picture explains, Right click on any program you want to change its priority, then select the priority you prefer accordingly.By default, most running task on Windows OS is given a “Normal” priority. In this picture, I set the program priority I want to “High” which makes the program run faster than normal priority.

4. That is it. You have successfully set your program to have higher CPU priority than other task that is currently running on your computer. You can set multiple tasks to higher priority.


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