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Nigeria is a country built on falsehood, guided by a constitution that was imposed by the military, how can it work?

Of course, beneficiaries of this falsehood will always tell Nigerian people why Nigeria must remain united, it is sometimes tagged “One Naijeria”.

Don’t get it twisted, when I say Nigeria cannot work, I don’t mean there won’t be individual successes here and there, what I am saying is that the country in its entirety cannot work. 5-10-25 years ago, Nigerian people were complaining about lack of basic social amenities like good roads, portable water, electricity and the likes, and up till this time 2016, we are still complaining of this same problem. In 10-20 years time if the current structure of Nigeria is maintained, people around by this time are still gonna be talking about this problem.

What are the falsehood of the Nigeria entity

1. Fake Constitution

The 1999 constitution that Naijeria (Nigeria) currently uses was a creation of the military that wanted to centralize power. When Nigeria transformed into Democracy, this DUMB constitution was adopted and the falsehood of the Nigerian entity continued. Quick solution here is to sit down every people representatives to rewrite the constitution.

2. Different Ideology

Nigeria is a multicultural entity consisting of various tendencies, tribes, people, tongues and so on. The major tribes are Yorubas, Igbos, hausas, fulanis, but aside this major tribes, we have hundreds or even thousands of tribes in this mere Geographical expression called (Naijeria). The regime in power currently(2015-2019) say one annoying word that Nigeria unity is “Non-negotiable”. In a different opinion, Nigeria unity is very much negotiable. A country where the govt calls some people 5% and the others 95% unity is negotiable. Living together is not by force.

What are the solutions

1. Division of Nigeria

For solution to the entrapment called Naijeria, the various tribes, people, regions can decide they want to have their own countries (Sovereign Countries), governing themselves, without any interference from any external country. There can be “Biafra Country”, “Oduduwa Country” and so on.

2. Rewriting the Constitution

The constitution should be rewriting by the Nigeria people to give everybody a sense of belongings in this entrapment called Naijeria. Currently, Nigeria is not better than a “Zoo”.

3. True federalism

True federalism is a situation where each components of the federating units of a country can rule themselves, without much interference from the federal government.

4. Regional Government

Regional government is a situation where regions, tribes, people govern themselves and probably pay tax to the Federal Government of the country.

5. Equal treatments

In the current Naijeria, every tribes, people are not treated equally. In this current contraption, people of the northern states are often given better treatment by various government institutions like police, military, ministries etal. There should be a conscious, deliberate actions towards creating equality among every people in Naijeria.


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