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We all have our various reasons to give attention to the opposite sex more than our same sex in various human interactions. In this post, I will be highlighting some reasons why humans reacts in this manner.

1. Investment

It seems helping or giving more attention to opposite sex is like some kind of investment to the person doing it for the nearest future. Whether it pays or not, it is for the person in question to testify to.

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2. Popular

Developing a soft spot, or giving special attention for someone of the opposite sex is like the popular thing to do. What is popular looks like the normal thing to do and therefore determine the direction of our thoughts.

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3. Unlike charges attract

One principle of magnet is this: “Like charges repels while Unlike charges attract”. This principle also affects male-female interactions. A guy can explain how difficult it is to assist is fellow guy, but at a sight of a lady, this same issue becomes so easy to accomplish. Same applies to ladies. We often hear statements from ladies like: “I feel more secured to tell my stories or secrets to that guy than this my girlfriend”.

4. Competition

Whether we are aware or agree to it or not, male-female interactions is some kind of competition. This is one reason humans give special attention to an opposite sex than the same sex. Just like in business where competitors do all kind of things to gain more customers and increase their sales, giving more attention to the opposite sex is a way to improve our various chances with other people.


Lemme rest hia. You can disagree or agree or buttress in the comment section.


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