WhatsApp messenger is used by a lot of people today…but what makes you different from a regular chat freak? What makes you enjoy this service to the full? What makes you use this messenger like a boss? Well let’s find out:

1. Regular Update.

WhatsApp is one application that never stops rolling out new updates with new and awesome functionalities. Recently, the WhatsApp team added the super cool ‘Photo and Video Enhancement’ feature. Being a boss means that you’re always at the top of your game…so be a boss and update your whatsapp today.

2. Chats Backup.

Backing up your messages is a great asset if you are the type that loves reading your old chats. For android users, Google Drive makes this possible while iPhone users got iCloud.

3. WhatsApp Web.

Most times it’s really convenient to type on a proper keyboard and WhatsApp web comes in handy for that. It also proves useful if you want to power up your phone while you do work on your PC.

4. Customized Wallpaper.

How can you claim to use something like a boss when you don’t customize it? The WhatsApp wallpapers are a little to plain and you can make the service more personalized by adding your own pictures. To do this, on your WhatsApp chat screen navigate to Menu > Settings and now select Wallpaper. From the wallpaper section select on Documents > Photos and from here select the photo you want to use as your background.

5. WhatsApp Status.

About 90% of contacts on your list who have the status; “Hey there!I am using WhatsApp.” are actually not using WhatsApp. So step up your WhatsApp game, update a message or quote with a few lovely emojis for good measure and viewing pleasure.

So there you have it…5 great ways to use the WhatsApp Messenger like a boss. Stick to them and you’d enjoy a seamless chat experience. Got any more ways?whatsapp_logo