As at the time of writing this post(25th October, 2016), the relatively popular nigeria based ads platform for both ads publishers like bloggers, website owners and advertisers( is having issues.

Personally, I have heard many complain about this platform(AdQuet) from bloggers, website owners about the shady practices of this platform but I have always thought they are telling lies to bring down AdQuet. But today, I have had my own bitter experience of AdQuet.

My bitter experience of AdQuet

I have requested to transfer my earnings from my adquet account into my bank account but up till now, my earnings is yet to be transferred and still shows “pending” on the adquet website.

One reason I am so afraid and believe AdQuet is a scam is the fact, they do not reply emails, they do not reply calls or text message or pick up calls to their phone lines. Another thing is that on, you cannot find any physical location that they can be traced to. In other words, you can monetize your platform using Adquet but know that you are their mercy to get paid whenever your payment is due. I can safely call Adquet platform a scam, 419 and shady business owner.

My advice to ads publishers and advertisers

Avoid using at this moment. They may probably get it right later, but right now, is simply a scam. To monetize your blogs, websites, online platforms, you can use google adsense, and other reliable means that have proved that they are reliable and stand the test of time.


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