There are various reasons why people act or react in a particular way. Many people cannot totally comprehend why people react somehow online. I often hear people complain about other people on facebook, twitter, instagram, nairaland and many other social media. They say stuffs like: “that guy like to snub people, what is even wrong with that girl, because he is getting small money, he no wan know us again” and many other thought line.

Topic: Why do people react or act in a particular way

I will be highlighting in this post some reasons why people snub others online.

1. Familiarity

When you are trying to do familiarity towards other people online, you are likely to be snubbed or not regarded. It does not matter how much you know people in real, physical life, you should not try to form oversabi, over familiarity towards them while online/internet/social media. Some will be like: “is this not cynthia, why she dey do like this for instagram”, when you think like this without giving other people the space they deserve, you may be snubbed online.


2. Disturbance

When all you do online or on the internet or social media is to keep disturbing others by always asking them silly, stupid questions as if they owe you something or you have a strong sense of entitlement towards others, you will not be taken serious online. Many people will try to snub you or disregard you.

Topic: What are the various behaviors on the internet


3. No Value Addition

When you are not adding any value towards others online or over the internet, you are likely to be snubbed or disregarded.


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