This topic is for those that are yet to experience the “almighty Google adsense” verification procedure and may be confused about how this things works. I will try to narrate my own experience on how I went about getting my adsense verified and subsequently able to receive earnings via google adsense.

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After the rigour to get adsense account approved for your website is accomplished whether by getting a fresh adsense account approved via your site submission or buying, purchasing, or using another adsense account that was approved via another websites, or google products like youtube, there comes the task to verify the account before you can recieve payment of your adsense earnings to your bank account. To submit fresh adsense approval, you can visit this google adsense link.

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My illustrations in this post will be based on how Google adsense is designed to work for those that have Nigeria version of google adsense but you will also get to learn one or two things even if your adsense account is not the Nigeria version.

Once you reach the minimum threshold for adsense to send verification pin to you (which means you must have earned at least $5 dollars), Google will ask you to fill a form inside your approved adsense account dashboard where you will provide a mail postal address(not email address o) where google can forward a verification PIN to you.

Without you receiving this PIN, and using it to verify your adsense account, you can only see your money /adsense earning increasing every day, you cannot receive your earnings to your bank account. The below is how i filled my own. Make sure you use a valid mail postal address that is functioning, it can be your own P.O Box, P.M.B, a school mail box address, P.O box of somebody, family, company, establishment, government office, that you know of, simply make sure you are using a valid, functioning mail address so as to receive the google adsense verification PIN. The duration to receive the PIN is between (17 days – 37 days) after you have filled and submitted the form on your adsense account. If you never receive the mail, you will be asked to reorder for it again for like 2-3 times repeating this process again.


Your name, the postal address you want to use, the postcode of the state or city,town, state, country(NIGERIA) in my own case. eg.

Johnson Ogedegbe

Roseful college, P.M.B 320

Taiwo Oke, Ilorin 920395



How to receive Google adsense earnings into your bank account

To collect/receive money from your google adsense, you must have made 100$ dollars minimum at the end of every month before your payment can be processed between the 21st-26th of the following month. For example; if your last month(e.g January) finalized earning is 90$ dollars, even if your earnings have increased beyond the 100$ dollars minimum the next month(February) before the 21st of the month, your payment will not be processed and sent to your bank until the 21st of the next month(March).

In other words, it is your finalized earning at the end of each month(e.g may) that determines if you will receive adsense payment the following month(e.g june).

How to fill bank details on your Google adsense account

– Navigate to “payment” on your adsense account.

– Click on “Add bank details” or something like that.

You will be asked to provide:

– the name of the bank,

– your account name,

– account number,

– swift bic code.

– FFO(you can leave empty),

– FBO(For benefit of)(you can leave empty),

– Intermediary Bank(you can leave empty)

The below is the Swift Bic code for some banks in Nigeria

Access Bank –   ABNGNGLA
Diamond Bank – DBLNNGLA
First Bank – FBNINGLA
Zenith Bank – ZEIBNGLA

This link will also guide you on things that can delay your monthly adsense payment, it is from google adsense website as regards frequently asked questions(faqs)

If you got any questions, or want to clarify any confusion, or any other issue, you can write in the comment section.


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