After successfully receiving money(Get Help request confirmed) on MMM, the MMM system requires participants to write letter of happiness so as to encourage other people about MMM and it is mandatory to write this letter else you may not be able to use that same MMM account for a successful GH request later on.

This post will educate everyone on how to write letter of happiness successfully.

How to write MMM letter of happiness

The below picture is how already confirmed Get Help(GH) request looks like, until it turns to this color(background-ash,grey), your letter may not have been successfully submittted.



1. Login to PO (personal office)

2. Click on Write a letter of happiness on the Get help(GH) request

3. Or you can access your letter of happiness through a page that pops up wen you GH. i.e when you confirm your payment.

4. On the page you can read the format of how to write the letter

5. Scroll down,click on the letter of happiness box

6. Type in your letter

Note it should include,ur name,status in mmm,resident,d date and the amount of PH and GH respectively,then u can say something good and thank MMM. Here is a sample below..

***Hi everyone, my name is Vincent Adekunle,a participant of mmm Nigeria,I reside in Lagos state,I phed the sum of #20000 on 2/08/2016 and i GH the sum of #54000 on 3/09/2016 this includes my referral bonuses,indeed MMM is real,mmm rocks.thanks to Sergey Mavrodi, together we change the world. ***

6. Scroll down u will see a box for testimonial video attachment

7. unmark the small box below if you don’t want to attach a video….or mark the box if u want a testimony video bonus.

8. There is a box above the small box where you copy the video link from your YouTube channel then you paste the Video link.

9. Scroll down and click on send.

(Source: #emmadadon)

Note: After you have written this, click on dashboard or any other menu, if the request to write the happiness no longer pops up and the Get Help request by the right hand corner of the screen is now showing a ash or grey color like the above image, then the letter is successfully submitted.

Also, logout and login to be sure the letter does not pop up again for you to write, else, you keep writing it has much until it no longer pops up or the request turns grey.

If anything is not clear, you can write your comments in the comment section below.


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