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NNN is an acronym of National Net Navros. NNN is owned by the participants, its a community by the people and for the people. A team of freedom lovers in America headed by an influential Yoruba man came up with a logic and tested it offline in New York City in 2014. In September 2015, these men held a conference in VI Lagos where they introduced NNN logic. It was an improved MMM system- there will be no moratorium and the system will be automated. Nobody can control your account or hack your account.

NNN Ai was developed in India in June 2016. In Feb 2016, a team of developers working with NNN founders decided an online platform and NNN Nigeria Website was launched in August 2016. From the day of the online launch participants have been enjoying the benefits and inviting their friends.


Below are the testimonies I gathered to clear doubts and answer some questions I deem rampant among prospect members.

How to use NNN, alternative to MMM investment office,scheme

NNN illustrations

How to use NNN, alternative to MMM investment office,schemeimg_20161125_213615



How to use NNN, alternative to MMM investment office,scheme

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